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American is your one-stop shop for print, promotional products, office supplies, eCommerce and marketing solutions. Whether you're looking for a specific promotional item or browsing for promotional ideas, you've come to the right place. With thousands of promotional products to choose from, we offer branded merchandise in promotional items collatteral to fulfill your promotional marketing needs. Located in a Phoenix, Arizona Metro area, American Solutions presents personalzed solutions and provide personalzed service.

Creating a personalized eCommerce sites for promotional items, letterhead, envelopes, business cards with Wearable items all in an easy eStore, running your business has never been easier. Release your items from inventory or order promotional products, decorated apparel, print materials and office supplies on demand. If you have ordering needs, we can DELIVER a simplified ACES eCommerce platform solution.

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Custom branded products promotional items help increase awareness and establish a strong company brand identity. That’s why we look beyond the obvious to help you with a promotional product that suits your needs. With nearly a million products to choose from, we’re here to DELIVER a solution that will meet your company’s budget and objective. Running a BUSINESS involves challenges WE’RE HERE TO HELP As the world of print continues to evolve, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the trends. We understand the difference between a business form and a full color brochure.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, we’re here to DELIVER the solution. Oce supplies help keep your daily tasks organized and on track. With over 27,000 items available, you’ll appreciate the variety and savings that we can DELIVER. Creating a personalized eCommerce site with multiple eStores has never been easier. Release your items from inventory or order promotional products, decorated apparel, print materials and oce supplies on demand.
If you have ordering needs, we can DELIVER a simplied ACES eCommerce solution. Marketing reports are critical to your success, although the right approach can be a challenge. We can help identify your needs and DELIVER the integrated mix that will take your ideas and initiatives to the next level.
Put our knowledge of promotional products to work for you. With high quality products, fast delivery times and prices to fit all budgets, we're here to DELIVER a solution that will fit your company's budget and objective. Simply take a look around or contact us for more information. Visit my site today www.4americanimprint.com.

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MY Commitment for Clients [Promotional Items]:

Even though some of you, I don’t know you yet but some I know you well, regardless, I felt this is important enough to send this to you. As I have reviewed your account with Items I have provided for your company, I thank you for the business. I would like to also share my vision for American Solutions office #426. I must share some absolutes; I am committed serving you and you company with quality and accurate products along with premier services to all the client I service. Your desires for a vendor are above reproach, I continually strive to serve people in this order: my wife and family, my Friends and my clients.

As I continue to grow this aspect of my life with superior services I will find ways to constantly improve, hone my abilities of services and product offering. While improving my offering, I will continue focusing on my key clients educating you on existing and new products. I thank you for your support now and in the future.


New Offering Information: for [Apparel], [Promotional Items] and [Polos]

My focus in addition to what I currently provide, are as follows: Specialized Color Print Projects like Auto Wraps, Large format Graphics, Interior Color Wall Applications, Color Wall Graphics and any color projects in my wheelhouse along this Integrated Labels, Custom Labels, Catalogs, Flyers, Mailing Services, Aces Clients E-Commerce Application, Medium and Large Aces Retail Applications…etc. I is my commitment to educate, premier products and superior services.

Thank you and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you to date and look forward working with you on future projects! I have a Blog page and Google Plus on my site for you to express yourself about American Solutions for Business.

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