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We have been on business for 39 years and prior to online promotional items we would provide printed items to our customers in Arizona. The market was always changing, and our print products slowly changed to Promotional products. This was a necessary change we had to migrate to promotional products over 30 years ago, the right change for us. Now American 4 Imprint (powered by American Solutions) we are known as one of the largest Promotional Products provider in the nation. We concentrate on one thing, customer service. As we serve our customer, you can depend on us to come through for you. As the owner of the company we will do everything within our power to provide reasonable Pricing, Quick Delivery and Customer service to all who enter my web site. We are pushing to be sustainably for the nation and other countries and will I will have links her for the Covid-19 Products for you.  I am open to communicate with you as a client helping you with your needs.


American-4 imprint is driving this business to help be the easiest company to do business with, this means our web presence, staff, give you 100% disclosure as a provider. What this means is that we will give you’re the all information needed my you to given to you to make a high-quality decision marketing your business. Our online store allows you to search for customized promotional products, all types of Promotional products and employee incentives, trade show giveaways, and current specials.

We provide Custom Promotional items, Logo-ed Embroidered Apparel, Custom Label Printing, Form Printing and Commercial Printing. The vertical markets we work with are Automotive, Construction, Education, Financial, Franchise, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Retail. To support these markets the solution’s we have are Direct Mail Solutions, eCommerce Solutions, Retail (Fixtures & Displays), Group Printing Organizations (GPO), Kitting & Fulfillment Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Office Supplies, Print & Document Solutions, Promotional Solutions, and Reporting Solutions.

  • 100% guaranteed on ALL products and services we provide
  • We Listen to ALL our customers
  • Live person to answer ALL questions 866.434.4049

Promotional: 4 American Imprint provides over 950,000 promotional items, Customized advertising specialties, Logoed Wearables, promotional products and employee award incentives!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 866-434-4049.


Thank you and enjoy!



Dennis Lee Lindblad

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